WinOLS mappack (.kp)

Mappack is actually a .kp file (WinOLS format) that describes map location, factors and axis for maps. It can be imported/exported directly from WinOLS (full version). For example you have a project with defined maps and you want to create a new project for same ECU in other place, you can export .kp mappack and import on second location to have same maps/factors in both places.

We also have Damos/A2L files available as well (Damos List),for some cars we offer several stages or additional versions including DPF deletion, EGR removal etc. If we don't have an exact software match for the vehicle and if you are working with then you can always copy the changes into your software version,however there is no guarantee that the results will be the same as the sample version.In that case we recommend that you check all engine parameters with appropriate diagnostic tools after the reprogramming.

WinOLS is a great tool to remap files or for copying changes from one file to another so this shouldn't be a problem. If You have WinOLS and wish to tune your own files but can't find all the relative maps needed we have developed limited map packs for basic stage 1 tuning and You can create custom tuning file to suit your needs!If you can't find any file like yours then it could mean that we have not developed that engine yet. If the car is new it is possible that we have completed development it but was not added to the database yet, in that case please send us an email.